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Haberler Turkish belly dance show
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Turkish 1001 nights show and  belly dance show:

The best Istanbul night out best example of original Turkish and international cuisine,including meze(appetiser) all served on your special way.

Show :oriental and folk dance performances accompanied by Turkish music creating a visual feast that that captivate one ´s heart. After the show you can dance too.

 ·        Program: 20:00-24:00

-- Belly Dancer

-- Folk Dancer

-- The Harem-Show

-- Dance of The Cariye ´s

-- If the Mother of Cariyes choose you

-- Slave Girls Fortune

--Belly Dance for The Sultan

-- Harem Girls Ceremony

-- Folkloric Muppet Show.

-- Sınger (Singing Turkish and All Over The World

-- Dance stage is yours.

Dinner:                                   price                                 price

-- Fixed menu ( limited drinks) =            (unlimited drinks) =

-- Vegetarian menu ( limited drinks) =        (unlimited drinks) =

-- Alacarte menu ( limited drinks) = (unlimited drinks) =

-- Only show =


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